Bhringaraja Taila




Hair Fall, Hair Loss, Premature Greying, Dandruff, Itchy Scalp

Suitable For

All Hair Types
Crafted using a traditional Ayurvedic recipe, this potent Bhringaraja (False daisy) hair oil effectively addresses all hair and scalp concerns. It conditions and nourishes the hair, making it shiny and smooth for a perfect glossy mane.

A head massage with this Ozone Bhringaraja Hair Oil boosts the circulation of blood in the scalp offering a relaxing sensation. It is coupled with thyme-leafed gratiola, spiked ginger lily, babchi, country mallow and other specialized herbs.

• Slows down premature hair greying, hair fall and dandruff
• Promotes healthy hair by deeply nourishing and moisturizing hair
• Boosts hair growth
• Nourishes scalp
• Relieves stress and promotes good sleep

Sesame (Tila), Indian Gooseberry (Amla), False Daisy (Bhringaraja), Chebulic Myrobalan (Haritaki)

Sesamum indicum (Sesame), Eclipta alba (False Daisy), Bacopa monnieri (Thyme leafed gratiola), Emblica officinalis (Indian Gooseberry), Terminalia chebula (Chebulic Myrobalan), Terminalia belirica (Belleric Myrobalan), Cyperus rotundus (Common Nutsedge), Hedychium spicatum (Spiked ginger lilly), Symplocos racemosa (Lodh Tree), Rubia cordifolia (Indian madder), Psoralea corylifolia (Babchi), Santalum album (Sandalwood), Prunus cerasoides (Wild Himalayan Cherry), Hemidesmus indicus (Indian Sarsaparilla), Lawsonia innermis (Henna), Callicarpa macrophylla (Beauty berry), Glycyyrhiza glabra (Licorice), Nardostachys jatamansi (Indian Spikenard), Saussurea lappa (Costus), Sida cordifolia (Country Mallow)

STEP 1: Take the oil onto the palm of your hands and rub it to slightly warm it up.
STEP 2: Massage the oil from the roots toward the ends of your hair.
STEP 3: Leave it overnight for best results.
STEP 4: Rinse with a hair cleanser or shampoo.

• Certified Organic • Cruelty-Free • Authentic Ayurveda • Expertly handcrafted • Locally Cultivated • 100% Pure • Paraben Free • Mineral Oil-Free • Alcohol-Free • Sulphate Free • GMO-Free • Petrolatum Free • No Synthetic Fragrance and Colours • No Toxic Chemicals • EDTA Free • Food-Grade Ingredients


• We care for you, so we highly recommend that you do a patch test before using any product with natural ingredients. Under the jawline for facecare Inner elbow for body care.
• All products on our website are made with fresh and natural ingredients, hence may change in consistency and color over a period of time, or during climatic changes. However, this change does not affect the efficacy of the product.
• Be sure to store the product in a cool, dry place after opening them.
• Certain products have a short shelf life after opening, hence we recommend you keep a check on that.
• Avoid dipping wet fingers, scoop out product always with a spatula.
• Stop using the product if irritation occurs, consult physician if irritation continues.
• Consult a physician if lactating or during pregnancy.

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