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Kal Hans Naturals

Aloe Cucumber Mist

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Excess Sebum, Acne & Pimples, Pigmentation & Dark Spots, Aging, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sun Damage, Skin Impurities
• Vegan • 100% Natural • Cruelty-Free • Dermatology Tested • Eco Friendly

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A cool and hydrating face mist rich in aloe vera and cucumber that protects and soothes the skin, making it more supple. The presence of niacinamide and green tea clears the face of any excess oil, dirt or impurities, leaving the skin clearer and oil-free. Best suited for oily and aging skin.

Skin Types: Oily


• Fights acne and controls excess oil production
• Prevents dark spots, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles
• Aloe vera slows down aging and makes skin more supple
• Reduces skin irritation and inflammation

• Repairs sun damage

Shelf Life: 2 years

Shelf life after opening the product: 2 years

Key Ingredients:

Aloe vera, Green tea, Cucumber, Niacinimide

All Ingredients:

DM Water, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Triethanolamine, Niacinamide, Trehalose 100, Green Tea Extract, D-Panthenol, Allantoin, Luna DMDM-H, Tween-20, Perfume (Aloe Vera 65084 Ws) o.a., Ds Edta and Neelicol Apple Green.

STEP 1: Wash your skin thoroughly and pat it dry

STEP 2: Spray the mist over your face

STEP 3: Allow the skin to soak in the mist

Caution: Close your eyes when spraying the mist over your face.

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