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worked amazingly for my pigmentation!!

I've been using this night gel for a while and I was shocked by how visibly clearer my skin became. The pigmentation started lightening up so well!

Repairative Hair Butter
So smooth and silky

I just love my hair when I use this hair butter. It is so easy to apply and makes my hair shine so beautifully!

So refreshing and moisturizing

This product does wonders to hand and feet! Love how soft and refreshed my skin feels.

instantly smooths out my frizz!

I love this product! It calms down my frizz and split ends instantly

Love instant brightness

This mask literally made my skin bright instantly after use! Loved the feeel

Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Tailam

Its fantastic! I love how it smells, feel and most importantly I see the glow and some improvement on my face esp. the pigmentation and black spots. Im using other Aardae products as well; the hair and slincare products, and I love all of them!!! Truly gentle and amazing! I had some doubts earlier for one product and they were honest and took the trouble to explain the details, not forgetting some free gifts I get in some purchases. They are all wonderful. Thank you Aardae! Best Wishes!

Electra - Quick Set Liquid Eyeshadow
Rose Meier
Good for a glam look

I wore this eyeshadow with a pink outfit and the result was good because friends complimented on the subtle glow that it gave my eyes.

Ultra Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid-SPF 50
Bryan John
Useful for daily use

It is a good sunscreen

Lip Butter
Good lip product

Nice lip butter to make lips soft and good under lipstick.

Cleansing Balm With Propolis
Bina Joseph
Great product

Propolis is an excellent ingredient but not found in many products. Was so happy to chance on this cleanser. Love the feel of it though its thick in consistency but it removes makeup effectively while it works great for general cleansing. I use it thrice a week though.

Works well

Removes even eye makeup like water proof mascara, so my favourite.

Good on the go product

A good one for your handbag, keeps hands and nails soft and supple.

Good product

Yes, as the product says, it really soothes tired eyes.

Vivid C Pro-Collagen Serum
Pavi Bennett
Best Vit C serum

This was the first natural ingredients vit c serum I used and was quite surprised with its performance. Showed good results in just one week. I like the brand name also Conscious Chemist.

Eye Treatment Serum
Charlotte Liu
Works well for under eyes

Havent got such a good under eye product in a long time. Dry under eye skin is my problem and it solves it beautifully. I even use it under my eye makeup. Go for it if you are looking for a gentle, natural product.

Crushed Coffee & Tonka Beans Sugar Body Scrub
Anna Goh
Amazing body scrub!!

I feel so great every time I use this coffee scrub. It smells amazing and has actually helped reduce my cellulite. My body feels so smooth these days!! I use it 2-3 times a week. Especially on weekends, it helps detox my body!

Literally glows everytime!

I LOVE this glow potion! It's amazing!!! Just 10 mins on and my skin glows after I wash my face!!

So hydrating

This is such a rich hyaluronic serum! I just love how hydrated and plump it makes my skin. I use it before makeup as well and it preps my skin so well

lana lee

This sunscreen is such a savior! Even on days when I'm on the go and tend to sweat a lot.. it works so well!! I do significantly see a difference in my pigmentation

Anti Frizz Hair Serum
Amazing Frizz Control!

This serum has really helped me with my extremely frizzy hair. I use it every day! Keeps my hair soft and manageable!

Hydrating Shampoo
Alyssa Tan
Perfect hydration shampoo

I feel strongly hydrated every time I use this shampoo. It is so refreshing for my hair that I can feel the strong natural ingredients in it. So worth it and definitely buying this again, especially with winter coming soon.

Hydrating Shampoo
Alyssa Tan
Perfect hydration shampoo

This is such a perfect hydrating shampoo! I love how it instantly refreshes and cleanses my hair. I truly feel an strong sense of hydration in my scalp every time I use it.

A perfect serum for shiny and soft hair!

This serum has worked so well for my frizzy hair. Sometimes when Im in a hurry and have no time for conditioner, this one has done the job so well! I love how soft and shiny it makes my hair instantly!

A perfect serum for shiny and soft hair!

Omg! This serum is a must-have in your daily hair care. It is so cooling and instantly makes my hair soft. Sometimes when I have time for conditioner on my busy days, I just use this serum and it perfectly removes my tangles!

soothing body wash!!

This is such a soothing body wash! I use it for night showers sometimes and it helps me sleep so well. Even during the day time, it makes me instantly refreshed and calm. Amazing smell as well!!

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