You have, like us, chosen to walk the path of Conscious Beauty and that’s a mighty choice ! Being mindful of a lifestyle that nurtures us, and simultaneously respecting and valuing Mother Earth, her resources and inhabitants is a blessing and a responsibility. 

At Aardae, we are committed. To bringing you superlative beauty care that has at its core an amalgamation of earth’s bounty and the best technology in harnessing its potency. With a conscience of course. 

To endorse your and our commitment to Conscious Beauty, we say no to harsh chemicals and toxins - a promise to keep you safe. 

We care for and respect our four legged co-inhabitants and hence, steer clear of animal testing. Kindness and compassion also maketh the world beautiful. 

Walking with a light heart comes from leaving minimum carbon footprints on our planet and we consciously partner with brands that align with our commitment to Mother Earth. 

And our endeavor will always be to delight you with concern-based solutions in selfcare – that’s our word to you ! 

Our Standards


We have a keen eye and rigorously sift wheat from the chaff. Any product that does not conform to our Banned Ingredients List stays out of Aardae. After all, purity is a benchmark for beauty. 

Effective Formulations

We focus on intentional self-care and hence concern based solutions are at the heart of Aardae. Formulations backed by extensive, safe research and mindful technology define our standards. 

Eco-friendly & Cruelty free

The bountiful planet we live on cannot be taken for granted. Every one of us needs to pitch in to conserve its flora, fauna and the air we breathe.  We have signed up to engage with the concepts of eco-friendly and cruelty-free. 

  1. We advocate and encourage recyclable packaging,
  2. We adhere to marine-safe ingredients
  3. We have zero tolerance to animal testing  

Banned Ingredients List

  1. Parabens
  2. Pthalates
  3. Perfluoronated compounds
  4. Petrolatum
  5. PEG (polyethylene glycol)
  6. Formaldehyde
  7. Hydroquinone
  8. Animal fats
  9. Aluminum powder
  10. Nitromusks
  11. Resorcinol
  12. Toluene
  13. Triclosan
  14. Heavy metals
  15. Synthetic fragrances
  16. Coal tar compounds
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