Hair is everyone’s crowning glory, across genders and all ages. Nothing completes our look better than a thick and healthy mane. Yet, that does not come so easily. Most of us can navigate through skincare with some help, but when it comes to hair woes, we feel quite challenged. Right ? The biggest one, being hair fall ! But wait, all’s not lost, we are here to help you.

What causes hair fall ?

Most anti hair fall products promise the sky, but very often there are more misses than hits. Hair care is a tad complicated since it involves many intrinsic factors like diet, sleep, stress, inflammation, medication, genes and the like. External stressors like the weather, sun, pollution, hard water and wrong hair products can also take a toll and cause hair fall.

How to reduce hair fall then?

While we encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition, exercise, sleep and some meditation, let us take you through some high performance hair fall solutions that we have at Aardae. Tried, tested and result-yielding. They don’t just minimise hair fall, but nourish too !

Like the saying, a penny saved is a penny earned, hair that doesn’t fall is hair that stays ! Our research on hair care has thrown up some interesting results and we want to share them all with you, along with a few tips to prevent hair fall.

Hair style that pulls on your scalp – Avoid wearing a style that pulls your hair back tightly. The medical name for such hair loss is traction alopecia.

  1. Hair pulling/twirling – Get rid of this habit. Some do it under stress or boredom. The medical term for this is trichotillomania and chances are it can damage or destroy hair follicles.

  2. Untangle your hair strands gently with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb before you shampoo or brush your hair to avoid pulling hair out of the roots.

  3. Avoid brushing hair vigorously. It’s a myth that frequent and vigorous brushing lends shine to hair or stimulates blood flow to scalp.

  4. Keep away from plastic combs and brushes. They create static electricity in your hair strands.

  5. Avoid rubbing your hair with towels – friction can result in hair cuticles opening up, thereby making hair frizzy and rough.

Now for the list of our hair fall solutions. All products at Aardae are made from pure, natural ingredients and are ethically formulated ; are free from harsh chemicals, not tested on animals and are eco-friendly.

1. Brillare - Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Shots Combo

A completely reliable hair fall control combo, consists of 8 oil shots, shampoo and conditioner. What makes this product effective at controlling hair fall ? Active and pure ingredients with zero dilution of additives or fillers. The oil shots have been packaged to enable users to use the right amount of oil to cover the scalp – a very important factor as it avoids over cleansing. The oil per se is of low molecular weight and hence gets absorbed into the scalp. The shampoo and conditioner contain 86% and 90% natural ingredients that reduce hair fall, strengthen hair and reduce hair breakage.

2.True Frog – Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Rain falls. Snow falls. Hair falls. It’s only natural. However, if you’re losing more than 100 strands a day, we need to do something. And fast ! That would be picking up True Frog’s Anti Hair Fall Shampoo. Enriched with pea sprouts to stimulate hair growth and bhringaraj extract to reduce hair fall, this shampoo is effective even with hard water – that’s a boon to most metro-dwellers !


3.Earth Collective – Hair Cleanser, Weak And Thinning Hair

Earth Collective call themselves the hair specialists, for they make only hair care products. Their focus on a single segment makes their hair care solutions so effective, they say. Capsicum, Ginseng and Hops are their key ingredients. So what follows naturally is stronger hair follicles thanks to capsicum ; increase in dermal cells due to ginseng and thicker mane due to hops, which also strengthens existing hair. To follow it up with their Conditioner, Weak And Thinning Hair would be even more beneficial.

4. Earth Collective – Anti Hair Fall Oil

Three hero ingredients, namely,Brahmi, Bhringaraj and Rosemary work synergistically to nourish and strengthen  hair follicles and scalp tissues. Brahmi and Bhringaraj have been Ayurveda’s gifts to hair care for thousands of years and have become popular ingredients world over. Rosemary, a Mediterranen herb is not just beneficial for hair, but has a lot of other health benefits too. Earth Collective’s anti hair fall oil comes with a nozzle applicator which helps spread the oil evenly all over the scalp so that not a drop is wasted.

5.Roots & Herbs – 49 Herbs Hair Oil

The secret to luscious and lustrous tresses is healthy hair roots that do not let hair fall out or break. With an ideal blend of herbs, this 49 herbs hair oil works on the scalp at those roots, strengthening them and improving the overall texture of hair. Nothing is more enjoyable than a good, healthy oil accompanied by a gentle massage that stimulates blood flow to the roots and relaxes the muscles.


Topical applications are only a part of any hair fall solution. What you ingest goes a long way in strengthening your hair from within, so here’s a tip from our nutritional expert.

Biotin, iron, protein and zinc are essential ingredients to keep hair healthy and lustrous. If you are not getting enough of these in your daily diet, it may cause noticeable hair loss or thinning. Include the micro-nutrients in the form of food or supplementation in consultation with your physician.

With natural ingredients sourced ethically from across the globe, we are constantly working to providing concern based beauty solutions.

See you soon again. Till then, stay beautiful, naturally with Aardae !

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