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Our Story Beauty That’s Conscious

From the beginning of time, the Earth has been boundless with beauty – a beauty that is harmonious, natural, and one that nourishes. This is the Earth’s Story. This is Aardae’s Story. At Aardae, which means ‘Earth’ in Dutch, we look at mirroring the Earth’s beauty philosophy. Aardae, founded in Singapore, is a unique platform of carefully curated conscious beauty brands that specialise in ethically-sourced, cruelty-free and sustainable products. Our team of experts handpick beauty labels that are equally committed to our principles of conscious and sustainable living.

Every product on Aardae is analysed, tried and tested, and our catalogue features ingredients that are non-toxic, safe and make you glow. At Aardae, you can look forward to products from three “Beauty Realms’’. .

We showcase a Clean range that employs the principles of modern science to formulate conscious beauty products that are sustainable, ethically sourced and have lower carbon footprints. The Organic realm brings you undistilled beauty in its purest form – each product crafted from gently cultivated natural resources.

We also offer Ayurvedic products that harness the knowledge of a 5000-year-old tradition, employing herbs and roots to bring balance between body and mind.

Our Values Beauty With Ethics

Aardae believes that beauty creates a lasting impact when it comes from within. This is why Brand Aardae, at its very core, has been built with values that are unwavering and uncompromised.

  • We stand for:

    Love: We know that love doesn’t just make the world go around, it makes Aardae go around too! It is our love for the planet and our customers that drives our commitment to conscious beauty.
  • Sustainability: We walk the talk and go to great lengths to bring you products that are good for you, and the Earth.
  • Honour: We respect your choice to embrace conscious beauty by bringing you carefully selected products made with the planet’s most gentle yet potent ingredients.
  • Experience: We offer products that are tried and tested by experts and set a very high bar for conscious beauty.
  • Hope: We recognise that our choices today contribute to the Earth’s future. We are hopeful for a bright and clean tomorrow for our Mother Earth and we offer products that guarantee it.
  • Authenticity: We understand that beauty can never be fake or run-of-the-mill. So, we handpick products that are authentic and one-of-a-kind.

Our Partners – Beauty In Community

Aardae is so much more than a beauty brand. We are a beauty movement. Our journey towards ensuring happy, healthy customers and a cleaner environment is supported by our brands and partners. Operating out of Singapore, Aardae is home to carefully chosen brands from around the globe that share our deep commitment to promoting conscious beauty. Our shared values mean that our conscious customers, who are equal stakeholders in our beauty movement, can access exclusive product ranges that are tested, analysed and have passed a rigorous review and feedback process. Our beauty offerings blessed by Nature also bring out the very best in you, making you glow from within.

Our Future – Beauty That’s Everlasting

Being one with the Earth means Aardae’s future is entwined with the planet’s tomorrow. This is why we work hard to make sure that the future of beauty is sustainable, free of toxins, crafted from healing ingredients, and nurtures the coming generations. Aardae is an international brand that holds ethical beauty close to its heart and fully embraces its responsibility towards making a positive and lasting impact on the planet.

scene Behind the scene

Shweta Gupta Founder, CEO

Joined the family-run business of garment exports about 15 years ago. Being one of the oldest export houses in the country and working with some of the leading brands in the world, she got a chance to work with and understand the world of exports in India. In her tenure of 14 years across export houses, she handled the R&D to Operations that helped her to learn the processes of the export world.

Over the last 2 years, she diversified into hospitality, with the introduction of Novotel Chamiers, a business hotel in the heart of Chennai City. Her influence over Novotel Chamiers has accelerated it to be a multi-award-winning franchise, particularly renowned for its great F&B services, giving its far larger luxurious counterparts a staggering competition.

Darshana Balagopal Founder, CEO

A Brand and Marketing Strategist who has launched and headed the Marketing for Palladium, the luxe version of Phoenix Malls, thereby being instrumental in bringing brands like Hugo Boss, Canali, Micheal Kors, Coach, and Ferragamo to Chennai.

She went on to work as the Country Head, Offline Marketing for OnePlus India. After spending nearly a decade working in PR and Marketing for Global and International brands, Darshana truly knows what drives conversions, how to have sold-out launches, and brings a true understanding of the market.

She believes "It’s how well you connect with the heartbeat of the people you’re trying to help and how you communicate your understanding back to them". Darshana has landed various nationally acclaimed awards for her role as an innovative leader in print and broadcast outlets through her marketing techniques for bringing together multinational brands under one roof.
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