AHA Exfoliating Sleeping Mask
With the goodness of hyaluronic acid and lactic acid, this lightweight gel-like sleeping mask gently exfoliates the skin, hydrates it, and repairs damage. A skin-refining formula, it reduces dark spots and fine lines, paving the way for smooth-textured, plump skin....
$27.00 $16.20
Vivid C Pro-Collagen Serum
Provides a comprehensive treatment to the skin with this pro-collagen serum that reduces photoaging and boosts collagen production, making the skin look youthful. Powered by a stable and non-irritating form of Vitamin C, it evens out the skin texture and...
$25.00 $15.00
Sweatproof Sun Essential Broad Spectrum PA+++ SPF50 Gel Sunscreen
A broad-spectrum antioxidant-rich sunscreen that is water-resistant and provides the ultimate protection against harmful UV rays while combating premature skin aging. This ultra-light formulation is made of cocoa butter and jojoba oil and reduces pigmentation and dark spots. Skin Type: All ...
$27.00 $16.20
Aloe Vera & Saffron Gel with Kumkumadi Tailam
An antioxidant-rich aloe vera and saffron-infused face gel that prevents acne and aging signs and nourishes dry and dull skin, restoring the skin's natural glow. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Treats acne and blemishes • Reduces aging signs and makes skin...
$42.00 $25.20
Rose and Grapefruit Face Serum
A rose-infused face serum that brightens the skin while improving its elasticity. Enriched with grapefruit and aloe vera, this serum boosts collagen production resulting in youthful, glowing skin. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Boosts collagen production and slows down signs...
$21.00 $12.60
Daily Skincare Essentials Trial Kit for Normal/Dry Skin
A handpicked combination of skincare essentials for normal to dry skin that deeply nourishes the skin and makes it plump and radiant. Infused with skin-rejuvenating ingredients like neem, rose, licorice, and cold-pressed oils, this combo features seven skin-reviving products, including...
Charcoal Face Wash
A detoxifying face wash formulated with activated charcoal that deeply cleanses skin and turmeric that combats acne, blackheads and pigmentation, resulting in squeaky clean skin. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Deep cleanses the skin by removing dirt and impurities • Clears blemishes...
Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30
A broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen infused with cucumber and mulethi (licorice) that protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays, resulting in supple, radiant skin. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Protects skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays • Soothes rashes,...
D-Pigmentation Gel Crème Skin Lightening
An overnight gel cream formulated with active molecules, botanical extracts and herbs that gently exfoliates while removing pigmentation, dark spots and dullness. This quick-absorbing cream is packed with licorice and blackberry and works well on oily and pimple-prone skin. Skin...
$35.00 $21.00
Firming & Lifting Day Moisturiser SPF 35 Pa Collagen Luxe
An SPF-infused advanced face moisturizer scientifically formulated with soybean extract and pomegranate extract that combats signs of aging, dullness and dryness. This moisturizer is created with plant collagen and active molecules, thus, supporting the skin's natural collagen and moisture retention....
$58.00 $34.80
Perfecting Facial Creme
An anti-pollution face moisturizer enriched with patented echium seed oil and oryza sativa extracts that strengthen the skin's defense mechanism and protects against pollution and blue rays. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Protects the skin from pollutants and blue rays...
$60.00 $36.00
Seaweed and Papaya Face Pack Cream
A refreshing vitamin-rich face pack cream infused with natural herbs that purifies the skin, reduces aging spots, and repairs damaged skin, resulting in a spotless and youthful complexion. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Purifies the skin and keeps it hydrated...
Fine Line Moisturizer
An antioxidant-rich face moisturizer created with ylang ylang that fades fine lines and provides natural sun protection. The natural oils in the moisturizer help soothe and calm the skin. Skin Types: Combination, Normal & Sensitive (Pitta) Benefits:  • Diminishes fine...
$61.00 $36.60
Kumkumadi Tailam
A luxurious and hydrating Kumkumadi tailam infused with natural ingredients like saffron and aloe vera that repairs skin cells, resulting in a youthful, even-toned complexion. This ultra-emollient oil also treats acne and sun damage while hydrating the skin. Skin Types: All ...
$47.00 $28.20
Wild Seaberry Supercritical Oil
A 100% natural face oil created with raw seabuckthorn berry from the Himalayas that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and protects it from damage. The oil treats acne and pigmentation while promoting skin regeneration at a cellular level....
$56.00 $33.60
Manjistha Rebalancing Face Wash
A mild, natural face wash for oily and combination skin that removes impurities, heals damaged skin, and gives a natural glow. Skin Types: Oily, Combination Benefits: • Cleanses pores of dirt, grime, and impurities • Repairs damaged skin and corrects uneven...
Ayurvedic Blemish Control Trial Kit
An astutely crafted kit comprising a night cream, emollient gel, and skin-purifying pack that defends the skin against blemishes, dark patches, sunspots, and blackheads. The Anti Blemish Gel is infused with Indian madder, the Anti Blemish Night Cream is enriched...
Daily Skincare Essentials Trial Kit for Oily/Combination Skin
An astutely designed combo of seven skincare products, including a face wash, mist, cleansing gel, face pack, and three nutrient-rich gels that cater to specific concerns. Impeccably crafted for oily and combination skin, this kit boasts skin-renewing ingredients, including Symplocos...
Anti-Fatigue & Anti-Pollution Glow Restore Face Pack
A soft detoxifying and hydrating face pack infused with brightening ingredients like kaolin clay, matcha tea, turmeric, and hyaluronic acid that absorbs excess oil, improves the complexion while reducing breakouts and acne scars. Skin Types: Normal, Combination, Oily Benefits:  •...
Porology Toner
A dermatologically tested and pro-biotics enriched gentle exfoliating face toner to control acne and refine pores. The alcohol-free toner also reduces sun damage and alleviates acne, by clearing clogged pores.  Skin Type: All Benefits: • Refines pores and enhances skin...
$20.00 $12.00
Multi Vitamin & Rejuvenating Day Gel SPF 35 Pa Cell Renewal
A lightweight moisturizer with SPF that provides round-the-clock hydration while preventing signs of aging. Formulated with multivitamin complex, this moisturizer control sebum production and boosts skin radiance. Skin Types: All  Benefits: • Minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and redness •...
$57.00 $34.20
Lightening & Brightening Day Moisturiser SPF 35 Pa White Essence
A day moisturizer with SPF that prevents dark spots and uneven skin tone while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Infused with cranberry and pomegranate, this antioxidant-rich moisturizer improves skin radiance and boosts collagen production naturally. Skin Types: All  Benefits:...
$57.00 $34.20
Botanical Day Gel Creme With SPF 35 Pa Mineral Enriched
A lightweight moisturizing gel infused with nourishing oils, fruit extracts and herbs that improves skin elasticity and complexion while providing hydration. This SPF-infused gel is blended with chamomile and green tea and doubles up as a sun protection cream. Skin...
$34.00 $20.40
Vitamin C Brightening Face Mask
A brightening face mask, rich in Vitamin C, cleanses skin from within and fights against pigmentation and sun damage, keeping the skin radiant and glowing.Skin Types: All Benefits:  • Cleanses skin of impurities • Reduces pigmentation, dark spots, signs of aging •...
$17.00 $10.20

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