Daily Skincare Essentials Trial Kit for Normal/Dry Skin
A handpicked combination of skincare essentials for normal to dry skin that deeply nourishes the skin and makes it plump and radiant. Infused with skin-rejuvenating ingredients like neem, rose, licorice, and cold-pressed oils, this combo features seven skin-reviving products, including...
Be Luminous Brightening Set
A skincare kit curated to nourish and brighten the skin naturally. This Aardae combo set includes a facial ubtan and hydrating cleanser, a brightening serum, a nutrient-rich moisturizer and kumkumadi oil to cure all skincare woes. The infusion of rich...
Ayurvedic Pimple Treatment Trial Kit
An Ayurvedic kit specially designed for acne-prone skin proven to reduce acne, pimples, and blemishes. Comprising sandalwood-infused face wash, lodhra-enriched Ayurvedic pimple treatment, and a neem-empowered face pack, this radiance-enhancing trio enhances the complexion and gives a spotless, smooth skin. ...
Ayurvedic Blemish Control Trial Kit
An astutely crafted kit comprising a night cream, emollient gel, and skin-purifying pack that defends the skin against blemishes, dark patches, sunspots, and blackheads. The Anti Blemish Gel is infused with Indian madder, the Anti Blemish Night Cream is enriched...
Daily Skincare Essentials Trial Kit for Oily/Combination Skin
An astutely designed combo of seven skincare products, including a face wash, mist, cleansing gel, face pack, and three nutrient-rich gels that cater to specific concerns. Impeccably crafted for oily and combination skin, this kit boasts skin-renewing ingredients, including Symplocos...
Ashwagandha Skin Illuminating Ubtan And Activator Kit
A power-packed ubtan, best suited for dry skin, relaxes and nourishes the skin. The ubtan uses Ashwagandha combined with herbs selected from the Ayurvedic tradition to tone the skin, brighten the complexion, and provide a natural glow. Skin Types: Dry, Normal ...
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Mulethi Acne Clarifying Face Ubtan And Activator Kit
An anti-acne ubtan face mask enriched with the goodness of Mulethi, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C, repairs skin and aids in skin renewal. Because of the antibacterial properties of this face mask, it is a great option for acne-prone skin...
Anjeer Flawless Skin Ubtan Activator Kit
An enriching face wash cum face mask that reduces pigmentation and dark patches, brightens the skin, and promotes soft, youthful skin. Harvest the benefits of this potent mix of essential oils, plant and flower extracts, and fig. Skin Types: Dry, Normal...
Grace & Glow Gift Box
A gift box with skin-reviving personal care products that help achieve a glowing complexion, nourished feet and sun protection. The box includes coffee-infused soap and body scrub, a hydrating foot cream, sandalwood-enriched face pack and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Skin Types: All  Benefits: ...
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