Walnut and Turmeric Face Scrub
A gentle face scrub with walnut grits and sandalwood that exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities without drying the skin. The natural scrub also helps prevent blemishes and remove tan. Skin Types: All Benefits: • Gently removes dead skin cells and...
$20.00 $8.00
Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Tailam
A beauty elixir created with 21 potent herbs such as saffron, vetiver, and sandalwood that promotes good skin health. The Ayurveda-inspired oil reduces pigmentation and dark spots and adds a long-lasting glow to the skin. Skin Types: All  Benefits: • Fades...
$90.00 $36.00
Kimsukadi Tail - Glow Boosting Facial Oil
A skin-reviving facial oil with a powerful Ayurvedic formula that repairs skin overnight. With ingredients like Sesame, Sandalwood, and Indian madder, it brightens dull skin and fights various skin concerns like pigmentation, dark spots, and blemishes. Skin Types: All Benefits:  •...
Hydrating Cleanser - Fine Line
A hydrating facial cleanser infused with ultra-soothing chamomile, sandalwood and calendula that purifies the skin while moisturizing it. This skin-soothing cleanser can also be used to remove makeup. Skin Types: Dry, Combination, Normal (Pitta) Benefits:  • Gently cleanses and purifies...
$26.00 $10.40
Ayurvedic Pimple Treatment Trial Kit
An Ayurvedic kit specially designed for acne-prone skin proven to reduce acne, pimples, and blemishes. Comprising sandalwood-infused face wash, lodhra-enriched Ayurvedic pimple treatment, and a neem-empowered face pack, this radiance-enhancing trio enhances the complexion and gives a spotless, smooth skin. ...
Silksplash Rehydrant Face Wash
A gentle face wash specifically formulated for acne-prone skin with Ayurvedic ingredients like aloe vera and sandalwood that removes impurities and thoroughly hydrates the skin. This nourishing cleanser fights acne with its antibacterial and antiseptic properties and protects the skin...
Soulful Spa
A personal care kit brimming with a spa-like experience that includes a hydrating foot cream to heal dry and cracked heels, a massage oil infused with ginseng to ease stress and relieve tension, and a sandalwood-infused face pack along with...
$55.00 $22.00
Grace & Glow Gift Box
A gift box with skin-reviving personal care products that help achieve a glowing complexion, nourished feet and sun protection. The box includes coffee-infused soap and body scrub, a hydrating foot cream, sandalwood-enriched face pack and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Skin Types: All  Benefits: ...
$64.00 $25.60
Instant Illumination Face Pack
A glow-inducing face pack created with chandan (sandalwood) and multani mitti (fuller’s earth) that deep cleanses the skin while moisturizing it. The pack also helps repair skin damage caused by sunburn, giving softer and spotless skin. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Multani...
$14.00 $5.60
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