Floral Face Mist
Hydrate and rejuvenate the skin with Ozone Signature's soothing floral mist. Infused with aloe vera, rose and geranium essential oil, this facial mist provides hydration for as long as 72 hours while enhancing the skin's natural glow. Skin Types: All Benefits: ...
Aqua Restoration Revitalizing Tonic Mist
A naturally crafted, alcohol-free face toner infused with the skin-replenishing prowess of aloe vera and rose that revitalizes the skin and provides a refreshing glow. The addition of licorice extract brightens as well as softens the skin. This toner also...
$25.00 $15.00
Aloe Cucumber Mist
A cool and hydrating face mist rich in aloe vera and cucumber that protects and soothes the skin, making it more supple. The presence of niacinamide and green tea clears the face of any excess oil, dirt or impurities, leaving...
Rose Water Balancing Mist
An emollient face mist infused with anti-bacterial ingredients like rose and aloe vera that hydrates the skin and prevents skin infections while toning the skin. This refreshing mist can be used to moisturize the skin or set makeup. Skin Types: All  Benefits: ...
Sambac Botanical Face Mist
A refreshing face mist formulated with 100% natural flower water that protects the skin from pollutants while restoring its pH balance. The sweet flowery fragrance of the mist also helps relieve stress. Skin Types: All Benefits:  • Hydrates and soothes...
$84.00 $50.40

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