Anti-Tan Organic Face Pack
A 100% natural anti-tan face pack created with the goodness of orange peel powder and papaya that removes suntan, dark spots and blemishes, resulting in a bright and healthy complexion. Skin Type: All  Benefits:  • Removes sun-induced tan, spots and scars...
Ubtan Gulab Face Pack
An ubtan face pack created with anti-inflammatory turmeric and soothing aloe vera that reduces acne, blackheads, and tan while toning the skin. This emollient pack also helps reduce wrinkles and makes the skin supple and radiant. Skin Types: All  Benefits : ...
$36.00 $14.40
Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Tailam
A beauty elixir created with 21 potent herbs such as saffron, vetiver, and sandalwood that promotes good skin health. The Ayurveda-inspired oil reduces pigmentation and dark spots and adds a long-lasting glow to the skin. Skin Types: All  Benefits: • Fades...
Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Face Pack
A detoxifying face pack created with kumkumadi oil and saffron that cleanses and tones the skin, revealing a brighter, even-toned complexion. It also helps reduce dark spots and neutralize the skin's pH levels. Skin Types: All  Benefits :  • Meticulously cleanses...
$38.00 $15.20
Oily Skin Organic Face Pack
A hydrating face pack for oily skin formulated with charcoal bamboo and dead sea mud that slough off excess oil and dead skin cells, resulting in an even-toned and smooth skin. Skin Types: Oily Benefits:  • Thoroughly exfoliates the skin and...
Glow Organic Face Pack
A face pack for glowing skin formulated with rejuvenating rose, hibiscus, and aloe vera that gently clears out skin impurities, resulting in clear, glowing skin. While rose petals exfoliate the skin and brighten it, antioxidant-rich hibiscus paves the way for...
Brightening Organic Face Pack
A skin brightening face pack that targets pigmentation and dark spots to give spotless, glowing skin. Infused with antioxidant-rich turmeric and tomato, the pack also treats tan and sunburn. Skin Type: All  Benefits:  • Fades blemishes, pigmentation, dark spots and tan...
Anti Acne Organic Face Pack
An anti-acne face pack infused with neem and tea tree that combats acne and pigmentation, revealing a clear, even-toned complexion. This ultra-emollient pack also reduces skin irritation and scars. Skin Type: Oily, Acne Prone Benefits:  • Reduces acne, pimples and pigmentation...
Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Face Wash
A kumkumadi-infused face wash that nourishes dry skin while minimizing acne and dark spots. Carefully crafted with saffron and turmeric, the face wash also combats melanin spikes to leave behind an even-toned, glowing skin. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Thoroughly...
$38.00 $15.20
Kumkumadi Saffron Gold Face Cream
An illuminating kumkumadi face cream infused with saffron and aloe vera that reduces dark spots and pigmentation while healing the skin. The herbal cream also provides UV protection. Skin Type: All  Benefits:  • Reduces pigmentation and dark spots • Brightens and...
$75.00 $30.00
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