Hydrating Shampoo
An intensely nourishing and  hydrating shampoo enriched with vegan extracts like Ginkgo and Indian Gooseberries that is guaranteed to leave your hair looking lush, hydrated & shiny. This paraben-free shampoo cleanses hair while boosting its natural growth. Hair Types: Normal...
$20.00 $8.00
Nourishing Conditioner
An antioxidant rich, nourishing and strengthening hair conditioner that multitasks, targeting hair fall, tangling and dullness. Leaves hair soft, shiny and hydrated. Hair Types: All  Benefits: • Provides shiny, strong hair• Hydrates and softens the hair• Gently detangles the hair• European...
Cleansing Shampoo
A cleansing shampoo for oily hair and scalp that contains a rich blend of restorative antioxidants and plant-based ingredients. It helps clear excess oil from the scalp and repairs hair damage, leaving your hair soft and shiny. Hair Type: Oily Benefits: ...
$20.00 $8.00
Elixir Shine Hair Oil
A nutrient-rich hair oil infused with the goodness of macadamia and apricot oils that intensely nourishes and repairs dry and damaged hair. This anti-frizz oil is infused with vitamins and essential fatty acids that add moisture and shine to the...
$30.00 $12.00
Earth Collective Nourishment Specialist
A 4-step regime to achieve healthy, bouncy locks. This hair-regenerating combo includes the nourishing 18-in-1 hair oil, a goji berry-infused cleanser and conditioner, along with a sun protection hair serum enriched with argan, all of which strengthens the scalp tissues...
Earth Collective Detox Blend
A hair-detoxifying combo that contains a purifying cleanser and a non-greasy conditioner for oily hair. Infused with kaffir lime, jojoba and grapefruit, these products meticulously cleanse and condition the scalp to make hair healthy from root to tip. Box Contains:...
18 in 1 Hair Oil
A multi-functional hair oil infused with 18 nutrient-rich ingredients that prevent hair loss and dandruff while relaxing the scalp. Created with potent oils and herbs such as almond, apricot, and rosemary, this blend ensures sheer nourishment of the hair and...
Sun Protection Hair Serum
A non-greasy hair serum formulated with nourishing alfalfa, orange, and argan that protects hair from UV rays damage while keeping it soft and healthy. Hair Types: All Benefits:  • Protects the hair from UV rays and free radical damage • Nourishes the...
Rejuvenating Fruit Hair Mask
A nourishing hair mask for dull hair created with nutrient-rich fruits like dates and pomegranate that provides deep nourishment to the scalp and hair. It also helps strengthen the hair follicles and boost the overall health of the hair. Hair Types: All ...
$30.00 $21.00
Oily Hair Conditioner
A softening conditioner for oily hair that removes excess oil from the scalp and makes hair healthy from roots to the tips. This hydrating conditioner is infused with jojoba and kaffir lime to moisturize dry ends without flattening the hair...
Oily Hair Cleanser
A non-greasy hair cleanser with vitamin C-rich grapefruit and kaffir lime that purifies the scalp and adds shine and bounce to the hair. Rich in natural vitamins and minerals, it helps achieve healthy hair. Hair Types: Oily Benefits:  • Gently cleanses and...
Hard Water Relief & Hair Fall Control Pro Growth Shampoo
A specially formulated control shampoo enriched with Redensyl and natural oils that combats dandruff, hair fall, damaged hair and promotes hair growth. The shampoo effectively washes away salt build ups from hard water. Hair Types: All Benefits: • Washes away hard water...
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