For the hardworking moms – work, home and everywhere – Aardae

For the hardworking moms – work, home and everywhere

Aloe Cucumber Mist
A cool and hydrating face mist rich in aloe vera and cucumber that protects and soothes the skin, making it more supple. The presence of niacinamide and green tea clears the face of any excess oil, dirt or impurities, leaving...
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Green Screen Skin Detox Smoothie SPF 20 Day Cream
If there were to be a green smoothie for your skin, this would be it. Made with chia seeds, green tea, kale, and avocado, Dot & Key’s Green Screen Smoothie Day Cream boasts of vitamins A, C, E & K....
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Aqua Restoration Hydrating Face Wash
Perenne Hydrating facewash is a sulfate free gentle mild foaming cleanser that cleanses and removes dirt, dust, excess oil, and other impurities from the skin leaving the skin clean, soft, and well hydrated. Vitamin C reduces tanning and lightens up...
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