Pomegranate & Tamarind Soap
A moisturizing bath soap created with pomegranate and tamarind extracts that deep-cleanses the skin to remove dirt and impurities and heals dry skin, resulting in supple and glowing skin. This ultra-emollient soap also protects the skin against sun damage. Skin Types: All ...
Cleansing Body Wash
A plant-based body wash infused with the goodness of coconut oil and citric fruits that deep cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving skin soft and smooth. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Cleanses the skin of dirt and pollutants • Citric fruit...
Booty Polish Deep Exfoliating Walnut & Coffee Scrub
An anti-cellulite scrub containing caffeine and walnut that provide deep exfoliation and help get rid of stretch marks and uneven skin. The gentle scrub makes the skin smoother and spot-free. Skin Type: All Benefits:  • Natural exfoliants gently remove skin impurities...
Thai Lemongrass Body Cleanser
A detoxifying antifungal body cleanser enriched with lemongrass and papaya extract that rejuvenates and soothes the skin while toning it and removing impurities. An anti-inflammatory rich ingredient, lemongrass enhances the skin’s texture and makes it supple. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  •...
Carrot Seed After Shower Oil
Powered by herbs and cold-pressed essential oils, this after-shower oil offers nourishment and moisturization to the skin and reduces signs of premature aging. The presence of carrot seed oil abundant in vitamin A tones the skin and helps in restoring...
$38.00 $26.60
Body Softening Moisturizer
A lightweight body lotion formulated with vitamin-rich avocado oil and kiwi extracts that moisturize the skin, making it smooth, hydrated and healthy. Skin Types: All  Benefits: • Moisturizes skin without making it greasy • Promotes collagen formation and skin regeneration •...
$50.00 $20.00
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