Deep Cleansing Body Scrub
A charcoal-infused face and body scrub that reduces dullness and treats sun damage, resulting in a spotless complexion. Enriched with shea butter, the scrub also soothes and restores the skin while protecting it from environmental damage. Skin Types: Normal,Combination Benefits:  • Clears...
$17.00 $5.10
Silk Serum Lotion
A soothing body lotion infused with natural antioxidant-rich ingredients that hydrate the skin and retain its elasticity. This lightweight lotion includes mahua butter and white lilies, which reduces wrinkles, dryness, and pigmentation, resulting in spotless, younger-looking skin. Skin Types: All Benefits: ...
$13.00 $3.90
Melon & Aloe Vera Bathing Bar
A melon and aloe vera-infused bathing bar that keeps the skin hydrated and fresh all day long. The soap includes vitamin-rich ingredients that give the skin a natural glow. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Soothes dry skin and adds a natural...
$12.00 $3.60
Vetiver & Chocolate Bathing Bar
An exceptional blend of chocolate, vetiver, and aloe vera that thoroughly cleanses the skin of dirt and helps moisturize dry and dull skin. The luxuriousness of chocolate stimulates collagen and fights aging signs, while vetiver nourishes the skin and combats...
$14.00 $4.20
Shvet Chandan & Saffron Body Cleanser
A luxurious body cleanser that heals dull skin, redness, and skin sensitivity. Rich in saffron, it brightens the skin and makes it glow. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Helps repair dull skin • Powerful herb extracts help prevent harmful effects...
$20.00 $6.00
Rose and Lychee Body Butter
A moisturizing body butter created with antioxidant-rich rose and lychee that combat acne and skin damage while hydrating dry skin. It also helps protect the skin from UV radiation. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Prevents age spots and skin cell...
$14.00 $4.20
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Almond and Saffron Body Lotion
An Ayurveda-inspired potent body lotion infused with saffron and almond oil that nourishes the skin while treating sunburn and discoloration. The lightweight lotion also combats signs of aging, giving beautiful and moisturized skin. Skin Types: All  Benefits:  • Reduces signs...
$15.00 $4.50
Sold Out
Bath Bomb
An invigorating bath bomb that permeates with refreshing essential oils, including apricot kernel oil and aromatherapy oil blend that makes way for a wholesome therapeutic bath session. This skin nourishing bath bomb gently cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, making...
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