Wear Sunscreen. But, Why?


Rule No.1 of Skincare: Wear Sunscreen. But, Why?   

Sunlight is necessary to manufacture vitamin D to enable bone formation in the body. However, it also exposes us to ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun, namely UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburn and affect skin health by making it dry, leathery, discoloured and wrinkled. In extreme cases, it may also cause skin cancer.   

Wait! Don’t be alarmed!  

It is quite possible to limit the adverse impact of sun exposure by incorporating one simple skin care product into your everyday routine – a Sunscreen.     

Sunscreens block and absorb harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that would otherwise get absorbed by your skin and cause damage. Additionally, sunscreens protect your skin from developing wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and other signs of ageing. They are not just for summers.    

  • Wear sunscreen every day while going out and definitely between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun is at its worst  
  • Wear it indoors or when it is cloudy outdoors because clouds or shade do not stop the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating your skin  
  • Sunscreen is a must when around sand, water or snow. Sun’s harmful rays reflect on these surfaces and can cause double trouble to your skin   
  • Apply sunscreen before make-up. Choose one that does not leave a white cast and is not dry   
  • Apply sunscreen on infants, kids and teens every time they step out. They are far more susceptible to sunburn and tanning than adults  

How to choose a sunscreen   

There is no one-size-fits-all sunscreen. Your choice of sunscreen will be determined by the extent of your sun exposure and the type of activity you are involved in. Sunscreens are categorized by Sun Protection Factor (SPF).  

Things to know about SPF  

  • SPF determines how long a sunscreen can protect you from the sun’s rays  
  • Typically, SPF 30 can provide protection for 300 minutes ( up to 5 hours)  
  • An SPF 30 sunscreen will block about 97% of UVB rays   

Our recommendations  

Sweatproof Sun Essential Broad Spectrum PA+++ SPF50 

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, ensure that your skin is protected both against UVA and UVB rays by choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This antioxidant-rich sunscreen by Perenne Cosmetics is water-resistant and has an ultra-light formulation that on application gives a mattifying look. It is made of cocoa butter and jojoba oil that reduces pigmentation, tanning, sunburn and dark spots while also combating premature skin ageing.   

SunShun SPF 30  

No sunscreen is waterproof but it can be water-resistant. If you sweat a lot or spend significant time in the water, this water-repellent sunscreen is a good choice. Made of cold-pressed organic oils and natural calamine, it moisturizes the skin and maintains the skin's sebum balance while protecting your skin from sun damage and infections. It is non-greasy, non-comedogenic and water repellent in texture and feel.  

Daily Defence Hybrid Sun Fluid SPF 30   

Most dermatologists recommend SPF 30 or slightly higher for everyday use. This sunscreen has a non-sticky, zero-tint, water-resistant formula which gives a matte-like look after application. Its SPF 30 formulation combined with minerals and chemical filters protects the skin from sun damage, particularly UVA and UVB rays. It comes in a form of a lotion, is fragrance-free and is packaged in recyclable containers.    

Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 

If you prefer your sunscreen in the form of a lotion, this broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen infused with cucumber and mulethi (licorice) can be a good choice. Aloe vera works as a moisturizer, treats acne and fights ageing. Cucumber hydrates while Manjistha improves complexion & evens out the texture. Mulethi helps in fading blemishes & protects against sun-induced skin damage. Overall, this product soothes rashes, skin irritation and inflammation while combating dryness and sunburn. With regular application, this lotion-based sunscreen gives an even-tone and glowing complexion.  

Botanical Day Gel Creme With SPF 35 Pa ++ "Mineral Enriched" 

Mineral sunscreens are preferable to chemical ones since they do not penetrate the skin. Instead, they work as a barrier between the skin and harmful UV rays. This lightweight SPF-infused moisturizing gel sunscreen blended with chamomile and green tea improves skin elasticity and complexion while doubling up as a sun protection cream. Additionally, it combats excess oil, redness and sun damage and minimizes the appearance of pores making skin soft, supple and even-toned.  

Final words of wisdom   

Make sun protection your primary anti-ageing skincare habit. Wear it liberally as a base layer for all your skin care routines, before your make-up and at night, as well as in areas such as the under eye or on any exposed skin. Reapply every 3-4 hours. Select a sunscreen which offers a broad spectrum of protection including against UVA & UVB and contains antioxidants, minerals and other hydrants. Follow this advice to protect your skin against early wrinkles, damage or skin diseases. And so that you don’t - shun the shining sun anymore!  

Aardae is a beauty brand that is conscious, sustainable, and cruelty-free. We offer a comprehensive range of beauty care products complementing the attitude and expectations of the modern woman. Our high-quality concern-based beauty solutions contain the goodness of Natural, Organic, and Ayurvedic ingredients. 



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