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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday shopping is something we all look forward to. One of the biggest stressors during the holiday season is gift-giving. We want to get gifts and share the merriment with people in our lives: a colleague, a friend, a family member, or our significant other. The thought of finding that perfect gift for somebody can keep you up at night. Planning this the right way can spare you some ‘me-time’ and let you enjoy yourself while you’re at it! And most importantly you can put a big smile on the faces of your loved ones!

Here are some gifting-buying tips that will make your life a lot merrier for the season:

1) Make a budget and stick to it - Before you make your holiday shopping list, set a budget. Retail stores get very busy during the Christmas rush, so it's easy to fall into the trap of buying something on impulse. However, if you have a fixed budget before you start shopping, it will be easier to stick to what you need and avoid overspending. You can make your holiday shopping more enjoyable and worry-free by setting a budget!

2) Plan your shopping list - It may sound simple, but it is often overlooked. Shopping without a list is like sailing on a boat without a map, especially at this time of year around when there is a huge pool of offers for us to drown into. Our shopping trips become overwhelming when we go without a list.

3) Keep an eye out for all holiday deals - It pays to check out your options before buying. Smart shoppers are already busy comparing prices between stores and websites; they’re likely to have already completed their holiday shopping during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Don’t worry—you still have plenty of time to do your holiday shopping with the season’s deals. This will help you save a huge sum of money! 

4) Be thoughtful and creative - Think about your loved ones’ interests and hobbies. Don’t just buy gifts for the sake of it. Do spend some time on research., Well, the fact that you’re here reading this is proof enough that you’ve already taken the first step! You are now well on your way to making the right choice that will likely delight your friend or family.

Conscious self-care gifts are one of the safest and best gifting options for everyone. Since cruelty-free is the new frontier of self-care, people are increasingly appreciating gifts of this kind. One pro-tip here is to select a generic range of body care combos or face packs if you decide to give self-care gifts since skincare or haircare products can be too specific to each individual's concerns.  

Grace & Glow Gift Box 

A gift box with skin-reviving personal care products that help achieve a glowing complexion, nourished feet and sun protection. The perfect kit for your loved ones to pamper themselves to a glass-like festive glow with the kindness of nature-loving ingredients after a long day of baking and shopping!

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An ayurvedic pamper box of winter hair warriors that can protect your loved ones from all sorts of hair problems the season may throw at them! A perfect mini trio of oil, shampoo & conditioner that will bestow volume and shine to the hair to rock any festive hairstyle! This kit is also a perfect hair pick-me-up for holiday travels.

5) Timely planning - The holidays are a busy time of year for both retailers and shipping companies. Shipping companies will be flooded with orders, so it’s best to anticipate delays and possible increases in shipping fees. Last-minute shopping can get very stressful and take out the beauty of holiday shopping. If you haven’t already, try ordering ahead of the holiday rush. This way, your loved ones will get their gifts on time and you can enjoy some free time for yourself! 

6) Stay stress-free - If you have planned the above steps properly, then half the battle is over and you can relax! Remember holiday shopping isn’t supposed to be stressful, because at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts. It's the holiday season, so enjoy the food and fun with your loved ones while making shopping a fun part of the season. Get together and bake a gingerbread man! 

Santa’s Words Of Wisdom:

Now, with these tips, you have a game plan. You can get out there and have fun shopping with your loved ones for some lovely gifts for Christmas and new year! In the middle of all the holiday preparations remember to pamper yourself too. Give yourself an at-home spa retreat.Spend a relaxing evening at home watching Hallmark Christmas movies and sipping your favorite pumpkin-spiced latte!


Treat yourself to an at-home spa in the bliss of this luxurious bath soak, formulated with therapeutic essential oils and Himalayan pink salt to detoxify, de-stress and re-energize your body amidst all the intense holiday preparations! 

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